Live cell imaging of cytoplasmic vRNPs along microtubules.

(A) Live cell imaging was carried out using MDCK cells expressing AcGFP-α-tubulin. Pseudo-positive signals (yellow), the microtubule networks (green), and vRNPs (red) were indicated as arrows. (B) Cropped and each color-split image of the indicated area (white box in panel A). Sequential images were shown in Video S3. (C and D) Time-split images of the merged images and the mAb61A5 channel images in the cropped area, respectively. Elapsed time from the first acquisition was indicated on each image. A vRNP signal (arrowheads in D) moved (event 1, 33.6 to 36.0 s), paused (36.0 to 38.4 s), and moved again (event 2, 38.4 to 40.8 s). Scale bars  = 5 µm.