Laser scanning microscopy showing comparison of vimentin and adipophilin antibodies in AIM-stimulated compared to AIM-stimulated plus shortly OA-treated human preadipocytes.

<p>(a) With short AIM stimulation for one day many tiny LDs positively stained for adipophilin can still be seen within the dense vimentin meshwork. (a) Additional short OA treatment for 3 hours immediately leads to exogenously derived, larger adipophilin positive droplets. Arrowheads mark two huge, vimentin surrounded cage-like structures. These are probably perilipin containing droplets (cp. <a href="" target="_blank">Fig. 7d,d</a>) which have not yet been amalgamated by the new exogenously generated adipophilin droplets. DAPI (blue). Bars: 20 µm.</p>