Laser Microdissection.

2010-02-19T00:35:11Z (GMT) by Eulalie Buffin Michel Gho

Laser Microdissection of SOP cells (left column) and epithelial cells (right column). Fixed nota from neur>mCD8::GFP flies (16 h APF) that express GFP specifically in SOP cells. SOP cells were laser-cut following a circle pathway centered on each SOP (A). After cut, gaps corresponding to each SOP encircled remained on the nota (transmitted light in C and fluorescent light in E). In contrast, the captured SOP cells stuck to the lid of a microtube (transmitted light in G and fluorescent light in I). A similar procedure is shown for epithelial cell capture. These cells were isolated from areas without fluorescent SOP cells (B). Note that sometimes for SOP (not shown) as well as epithelial cell microdissection (asterisks in D) some areas were not captured and remain on the nota. Note also that, the fluorescence level was strongly reduced after laser beam application (I and J).