LM11A-31's effect on cholinergic dystrophic neurites in cortex of mid-stage APPL/S mice.

Representative photomicrographs show ChAT-immunostained dystrophic neurite clusters in the cortex of (A) APPL/S (APP) Veh and (B) APP-31 mice. Scale bar in photomicrograph A = 50 µm. Quantitative analysis showed that LM11A-31 decreases the total area occupied by the clusters (C) by decreasing their number (D) but not the mean area per cluster (E). Statistical significance was determined using a two-tailed Student's t-test (APP Veh, n = 10; APP-31, n = 9). +p = 0.03 and +++p = 0.001 vs. APP Veh.