LM11A-31 normalizes increased p75NTR levels in the basal forebrain of late-stage APPL/S mice.

Representative photomicrographs show p75NTR immunostaining in the vertical limb of the diagonal band of the basal forebrain in (A) WT Vehicle (Veh), (B) APPL/S (APP) Veh, and (C) APP LM11A-31 (-31) mice at 13–14 months old. Scale bar = 40 µm. Quantitative analysis showed that, at this age, the (D) area occupied by (**p≤0.01) and (E) the density (*p<0.05) of p75NTR immunostaining is increased in APP Veh compared to WT Veh mice, while the increase in the number of p75NTR-stained cells was not statistically significant. LM11A-31 normalized p75NTR levels (+p≤0.05 vs. APP Veh for both area and density). Statistical significance was determined using a one-way ANOVA with Dunnett's post-hoc test (WT Veh, n = 5 mice; APP Veh, n = 4; APP-31, n = 5).