LIPS detection of antibodies to 4 different <i>Ov</i> antigens.

<p>Each symbol represents individual samples from the 38 <i>Ov</i>-infected, 90 <i>Wb</i>, 90 <i>Ll</i>, 27 <i>Ss</i>, 72 control uninfected samples and 12 other control patients. Antibody levels in LU are plotted on the Y-axis using a log<sub>10</sub> scale and short solid horizontal lines indicate the geometric mean titer (GMT) for each antibody per group. The diagnostic performance related to cross-reactivity with other filarial infections was also evaluated. As described in the text, the long solid line represents the cut-off level corresponding to 100% sensitivity, while the long stippled line corresponds to the cut-off for 100% specificity with sera from the <i>Wb</i> cohort.</p>



CC BY 4.0