Figure S1 - Knock Out of S1P3 Receptor Signaling Attenuates Inflammation and Fibrosis in Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury Mice Model

Survival rate after administration of bleomycin. The survival rate after administration of bleomycin. S1P3 knockout (KO) mice (n = 31) and wild-type (WT) mice (n = 34) received a single intratracheal dose of bleomycin (2.15 U/kg). Data from four independent experiments were combined; n = 4–10 mice/group in total. Survival rate of WT mice decreased to 61.8% (21/34) on the eleventh day and survival of S1P3 KO mice to 87.1% (27/31). The survival rate of S1P3 KO mice after administration of bleomycin was significantly higher than that of WT mice (p = 0.039; the data were analyzed by log-rank test).