KAI1/CD82 attenuates the formation of lamellipodia and retraction of cellular tails.

(A) KAI1/CD82 inhibits lamellipodia and protrusion formations. Du145-Mock and -KAI1/CD82 transfectant cells were plated on FN-coated glass coverslips from 3 to 6 h. DIC images were acquired using time-lapse vidoemicroscopy. Arrows indicate lamellipodia. (B). KAI1/CD82 inhibits the retraction of the rear tail. Du145-Mock and -KAI1/CD82 cells were placed on FN-coated (10 µg/ml) coverslips from 3 to 6 h and treated with 100 ng/ml HGF from 4 to 6 h. Cell morphology was photographed for 3 h using time-lapse videomicroscopy. Arrows indicate the retraction processes in Du145-Mock cells and arrowheads indicate the rear tail in Du145-KAI1/CD82 cells. The time-lapse intervals are labeled inside images. Scale bar, 20 µm.