J fluxes per reaction center in Col-0, Ws-4 and Ler-0 accessions.

(A) A highly simplified model of the various types of J fluxes per reaction center of photosystem II (RCII). JABS is the total photon flux absorbed by the RCII. JDI is the flux of energy that is dissipated in the light-harvesting complex II as heat and/or fluorescence. JTR is the flux of energy used for trapping in the RCII. JET is the electron flux between the two photosystems. (B) Plot of J fluxes per RC. N is the number of electrons in the transport chain. The J fluxes per RC were calculated, the values obtained were subtracted from those obtained for Col-0, and then expressed relatively to Col-0. Asterisks indicate significant difference at P<0.05 (Student's t-test, n = 20–25).



CC BY 4.0