Isoform and PTM combinations observed in the H2A peaks from HEK cell lines.

Isoforms and PTMs observed in the H2A peaks from HEK cell lines. First and second histone H2A FPLC peaks were subjected to mass spectrometry analysis. Each row in the table represents a discrete H2A polypeptide species assigned based on the mass. Assignment was done by comparing measured masses to calculated molecular weights of histone isoforms based on primary sequences taken from the NCBI database and allowing for modifications. Column one is the assignment of H2A isoforms and modifications, column two contains m/z for each isoform and modification at 13+ charge state, columns three and four contain deconvoluted and calculated mass (from NCBI database) respectively; Δm, difference in mass between calculated and deconvoluted mass (Da). The last three columns contain the relative abundance (%) of the isoforms and their post translational modifications (p<0.05 in 3–5 determinations). The relative abundance is taken directly from Mass Scans.

*Mass values based on NCBI database.