Inhibitory effects of gastrodin on the LPS-induced expression of protein and mRNA for TNF-α in BV-2 cells.

Approximately 1×106 cells/ml were seeded in six-well plates and incubated until 80% confluency. Cells were pre-treated with gastrodin (30, 40, and 60 µM) for 1 h, then exposed to 1 µg/ml LPS for 4 h. The levels of protein and the corresponding mRNA were determined by double-immunofluorescence labeling and RT-PCR as described in the Methods. Panel A shows the immunofluorenscence images for protein expression of TNF-α and Panel B shows the corresponding mRNA data. The relative mRNA level was quantified by scanning densitometry and normalized to β-actin mRNA. The values shown are mean ± SEM of data from three independent experiments. # Significant compared with control alone, p<0.05. *Significant compared with LPS alone, p<0.05.