Induction of endogenous flotillin expression by RAR, RXR, retinoic acid, and PPARγ.

Hela cells were transiently transfected with expression constructs for RAR, RXR, or a combination of both. Empty PSV vector served as a control. One day post-transfection, the cells were stimulated with trans-RA (1 µM) in serum-free medium for 24 h. Cell lysates were analyzed for flotillin-1 (A), flotillin-2 (B), RAR and RXR (C) by Western blotting. D and E show a densitometric quantification of flotillin expression. F: Cells were transfected with RAR or PPARγ expression construct or empty PSV. RNA was isolated, transcribed into cDNA and flotillin mRNA was measured by qPCR. Values are mean ± standard deviation of at least 3 experiments. ###, p<0.001; #, p<0.05; vs control *, p<0.05 vs. unstimulated sample.