Increased mRNA Expression of Interferon-inducible genes in haloperidol treated U343 cells.

Messenger RNA expression levels of IFIT1, IFIT2, MX1, MX2, G1P2, G1P3, GBP1 and IFIH1, relative to reference gene expression (ACTB and GAPDH) were measured after treatment of U343 cells with 0.2 uM haloperidol. As a control for the efficiency of induction, the levels of QKI-7 were also measured and shown to be increased. The level in untreated cells is defined as zero. Asterisk (*) indicates significant deviation in the mRNA levels compared with the untreated cells (p-value <0.05, <0.01, and <0.001 for one, two, and three asterisks, respectively). Mean and standard errors are given based on three biological replicates.