Increased levels of acetycholinesterase (AChE) mRNA variants in cirrhotic liver.

Relative mRNA levels of the liver transcripts for AChE (T, R and H; labelled AChE-T, AChE-R and AChE-H in the figure) were analyzed by QRT-PCR in non-diseased (NL; ▪; n = 5) and cirrhotic liver cases (CL; □; n = 9). The selected primers were: AChE-T transcript: Fw: 5′-CTTCCTCCCCAAATTGCTC3-′, Rev: 5′-TCCTGCTTGCTGTAGTGGTC-3′; AChE-R transcript: Fw: 5′-CTTCCTCCCCAAATTGCTC-3′, Rev: 5′-GGGGAGAAGAGAGGGGTTAC-3′; AChE-H transcript: Fw: 5′-CAATGAGCCCCGAGACC-3′, Rev: 5′-GAGCCTCCGAGGCGGTG-3′; GAPDH: Fw: 5′-AGCCACATCGCTCAGACAC-3′, Rev: 5′-GCCCAATACGACCAAATCC-3′. Values were calculated using relative standard curves and normalized to GAPDH. Specificity of the PCR products was confirmed by dissociation curve analysis. *p<0.05.