Increased expression of tomosyn-2 gene in islets of the B6.16<sup>BT36–38</sup> mice.

<p> Total mRNA was extracted from islets, liver, brain, cerebellum, kidney, gastrocnemius, adipose, heart, soleus, and quadriceps of the B6.16<sup>BT36–38</sup> and B6.16<sup>B6</sup> mice. Relative abundance was determined by real-time PCR of the cDNA. The ΔCt was calculated by subtracting the raw Ct of tomosyn-2 gene from the raw Ct of the β-actin gene. A) The mRNA abundance of the tomosyn-2 gene in different tissues. Left: tissues that have a relatively higher level of tomosyn-2 expression. Right: tissues with a relatively low level of tomosyn-2 expression. B) Relative expression of the tomosyn-2 isoforms in the islets. Values are means ± S.E. of N≥4. *(<i>p</i>≤0.05 for the expression of tomosyn-2 gene in tissues of the B6.16<sup>BT36–38</sup> mice vs. control B6.16<sup>B6</sup> mice.</p>




CC BY 4.0