Increased expression of tomosyn-2 gene in islets of the B6.16BT36–38 mice.

Total mRNA was extracted from islets, liver, brain, cerebellum, kidney, gastrocnemius, adipose, heart, soleus, and quadriceps of the B6.16BT36–38 and B6.16B6 mice. Relative abundance was determined by real-time PCR of the cDNA. The ΔCt was calculated by subtracting the raw Ct of tomosyn-2 gene from the raw Ct of the β-actin gene. A) The mRNA abundance of the tomosyn-2 gene in different tissues. Left: tissues that have a relatively higher level of tomosyn-2 expression. Right: tissues with a relatively low level of tomosyn-2 expression. B) Relative expression of the tomosyn-2 isoforms in the islets. Values are means ± S.E. of N≥4. *(p≤0.05 for the expression of tomosyn-2 gene in tissues of the B6.16BT36–38 mice vs. control B6.16B6 mice.




CC BY 4.0