Inclusions formed by S129A aSyn-GFP are more heterogeneous than the ones formed by WT aSyn-GFP.

(A) FRAP recovery curves for WT and S129A aSyn-GFP inclusions on yeast cells expressing aSyn forms at the indicated time points. For each strain, at least 15 inclusions in different cells were analyzed. Each plot represents mean ± SD for each time point for all FRAP experiments (for the WT aSyn-GFP expressing cells) or groups of FRAP experiments organized by recovery profiles (for the S129A aSyn-GFP expressing cells). (B) FRAP time lapse recording of a representative inclusion of each group (C) Area (pixels) and fluorescence intensity mean (in arbitrary units, a.u.) of the inclusions analyzed (***p<0.001 and ** p<0.01; one way ANOVA with Bonferroni's multiple comparison test). A representative result is shown from at least three independent experiments. Values represent the mean ± SD.