Immunoblotting analysis of PPARγ, and adiponectin after DHA treatment.

Human visceral adipocytes, collected from the four groups of subjects, were serum-starved for 18 h and incubated with 10µM DHA, as described in Material and Methods. Nuclear protein extracts and whole cell extracts were separated by SDS-PAGE and analyzed using anti-PPARγ (A) and anti-adiponectin (B) antibodies. Results were normalized to Lamin B and GAPDH protein content, respectively. NW: normal weight subjects (n=5); Ob: overweight/obese subjects (n=5); NWCC: normal weight with colorectal cancer (n=7); ObCC: overweight/obese with colorectal cancer (n=7). The data are expressed as means ± SEM. *, P<0.05; **, P<0.01; ***, P<0.01 compared with untreated paired cells. Representative blots are shown.




CC BY 4.0