Immune staining of SEB (or TNFAIP3)/EEA1/LAMP2 in HT-29 cells.

SEB-specific IgE primed HT-29 cells were exposed to SEB in culture for 24 h. The cells were analyzed by immune staining. The representative confocal images show the split images that include positive staining of SEB (A1, B1; in green), EEA1 (A2, B2, C2; in red), LAMP2 (A4, B4, C4; in blue) and TNFAIP3 (C1; in green), which were also annotated above each panel (Each panel shows the image of one single HT-29 cell). The image analysis data of cells were presented in Table 1. Thirty cells were analyzed for each group. Original magnification: ×630.