Identification of a DNA sequence motif EDM1 (Environmental Induced Differential Methylation Consensus Sequence 1).

(a) Logo representation of the motif EDM1. This motif was obtained with the GLAM2 tool of MEME suite from the set of 16 regions that had been confirmed with mass spectrometry to present transgenerational changes in methylation. Glam2 score value for this motif is 194.184 (b) Results obtained when scanning EDM1 with GLAM2SCAN for prevalence of matches against four sets of sequences: (i) the 16 promoters containing the regions positively confirmed to be changed, (ii) the 48 promoters containing the regions confirmed to show change in the array, (iii) a set of 125 random promoters, and (iv) a set of 75 imprinted promoter regions from mouse and rat databases. Results shown are from matches in GLAM2SCAN scoring equal or higher than the cut-off value of 20.



CC BY 4.0