IL-2 release from splenocytes, stimulated with different antigens.

Mice were immunized with a split influenza vaccine (Vaxigrip) containing the A/H1N1/Brisbane/2007 strain with or without adjuvant. The groups were immunized three times with three-week intervals. Splenocytes were analyzed regarding IL-2 release after influenza stimuli. (A) IL-2 responses against influenza A/H1N1/Brisbane/59/2007 (whole virus). (B) IL-2 responses against influenza A/H1N1/ California/04/2009 (whole virus). (C) IL-2 responses against influenza nucleoprotein-peptides from A/H1N1/Brisbane. Median and range is shown for each group and statistical significance compared to the non-adjuvanted group are indicated, *p<0.05, **p<0.01 and ***p<0, 001.