IL-17A is required for airway recruitment of neutrophils but not AHR in NO2-promoted allergic airway disease.

C57BL/6 mice were exposed to 15ppm NO2 for 1 hour on day 1. All mice were exposed to OVA on days 1-3 and again during challenge on days 14-16. Treatment groups received either IgG isotype control antibody or anti-IL-17A neutralization antibody one day prior to antigen challenge on day 13. 48 hours following the final antigen challenge, BAL total cells (A) were quantified and macrophages (Macs; B), neutrophils (PMNs; C), and eosinophils (Eos; D) were calculated based on cell fractions. Pulmonary function assessment was performed by invasive forced oscillation technique. The percent baseline and average percent baseline per dose methacholine were calculated for resistance (R; E-F) and elastance (E; G-H), as determined by the single-compartment model [47]. Lungs were removed and snap frozen prior to RNA analysis for Cxcl5 (I), Lcn2 (J), Gob5 (K), and Muc5ac (L). Statistics were performed by 1-way ANOVA (A-D and I-L) or 2-way ANOVA (E-H) and Tukey post hoc analysis. **** p < 0.0001, *** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05 compared to non-inflamed unless indicated by brackets. ND, not significantly different from non-inflamed. n = 7 per group (A-H) or n = 5-7 per group (I-L).