Homeostatic proliferation of OT-I/DNRII is MHC I dependent.

2012-08-06T01:58:58Z (GMT) by Lisa D. S. Johnson Stephen C. Jameson

CFSE labeled CD44lo OT-I Rag−/− or OT-I/DNRII Rag−/− CD8 T cells were transferred into irradiated KbDb−/− or wild-type hosts. One week later, lymph nodes and spleen from sacrificed mice were pooled and analyzed. (A) Representative CFSE dilution histograms of OT-I and OT-I/DNRII CD8 T cells in pooled lymph nodes and spleen one week after transfer into irradiated B6 and KbDb−/− hosts. (B) Recovery of OT-I and OT-I/DNRII CD8 T cells after one week in irradiated B6 or KbDb−/− hosts. Each symbol represents an individual mouse. Results are presented as the combination of three independent experiments.




CC BY 4.0