Higher numbers of CD11b<sup>+</sup> cells in the lungs of NOS2-/- KO mice.

<p>Flow cytometry analysis was performed on single cell suspensions obtained from lungs of WT C57/BL6 or NOS2-/- mice. In these mice increased numbers of CD11b<sup>+</sup> cells but not CD11b<sup>+</sup>CD11c<sup>+</sup> cells could be observed as the infection progressed (A, B, C). In contrast, differences for CD11c<sup>+</sup> and CD4<sup>+</sup> cells only became evident at later time points (B, D). No significant differences were observed for CD8<sup>+</sup> cells (E). Results are expressed as the mean values of log mean cell number (± SEM, n=5) in the lung. Bacterial burden (F) was enumerated at different time points after a low dose aerosol infection with <i>M. tuberculosis</i>. As observed, bacterial burden in both murine strains is similar at early time points after infection and diverges after 30 days of infection. Results are expressed as the mean Log 10 CFUs (±SEM, n=5) in the lungs. Student t-test, * p<0.05, ** p<0.01, *** p<0.001.</p>




CC BY 4.0