H&E-stained paraffin-embedded rat bladder sections.

In PBOO rats, significant detrusor muscle hypertrophy, alongside a progressive increase in fibrosis (dyed pale pink, blue arrow) and loss of normal muscle tissue (dyed purple or red, black arrow)architecture was observable at 4 and 8 weeks of PBOO. Fibrosis was inhibited in the STS group at (a) week 4 in Sham group, (b) week 4 after PBOO, (c) week 4 after PBOO+STS treatment, (d) week 8 after Sham group, (e) week 8 after PBOO, and(f) week 8 after PBOO+STS treatment. The PBOO and STS groups show detrusor hypertrophy and collagen deposition. Original magnifications, ×40.