HS results in an increase in SIRT1 recruitment that is specific to the HSE within the <i>hsp70</i> promoter.

<p>(A) Schematic representation of primers designed to amplify the HSE site and a nonspecific (NS) site at the <i>hsp70</i> promoter. (B) SIRT1 is recruited to the <i>hsp70</i> promoter HSE site during HS. HEK293 cells were exposed to a 42°C HS from 0 to 6 hours prior to chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with a SIRT1 antibody. SIRT1 is not recruited upon HS to a non-specific (NS) upstream <i>hsp70</i> promoter site (C) or to the <i>gapdh</i> promoter (D). Results in B-D are in technical triplicates and are representative of biological duplicates. Statistical significance was measured by Student’s t test as compared to - HS (*<i>P<0.05;</i> ** <i>P<0.01;</i> ***<i>P<0.001).</i></p>