HIV-1 epitope repertoires and clinical data.

Putative epitopes were identified in silico within full-length autologous HIV-1 proteomes and combined with previously described optimally defined CTL epitopes found in the LANL and IEDB databases. (A) and (B) respectively show the log viral loads and the CD4 counts plotted as a function of the number of predicted HIV-1 epitopes identified per proteome for the individuals with CD4 counts above 400 (n = 81). (C) Shows the number of predicted HIV-1 epitopes for individuals belonging to the highest (mean = 65) and lowest (mean = 76) viremia quartile. (D) Shows the average viral loads of individuals presenting a specific allele as a function of the average number of HIV-1 predicted epitopes for that allele (only alleles presented by at least 3 individuals in the South-African cohort were included).