HDAC expression in pancreatic cancer cell lines and the HPDE cells.

Protein extracts from log phase AsPC-1, BxPC-3, PANC-1, HPAC, MIAPaCa-2, CFPAC-1, Capan-1, and the HPDE cells were subjected to Western blots probed by anti-HDAC or -β-actin antibody, as described in the Materials and Methods. The class I HDACs (1, 2, 3, and 8) were detected in all the cell lines though the levels were variable. In general, the levels of the class I HDACs in the HPDE cells were relatively lower compared to the majority of the pancreatic cancer cell lines. Interestingly, the majority of class IIa HDACs (except for HDAC5) were detected in almost all the pancreatic cancer cell lines but not in the HPDE cells. In contrast, HDACs 6 and 10 were detected in all the cell lines and their levels in the HPDE cells were comparable (if not higher) to those in the cancer cell lines.