Glucose metabolism measures according to rs490683 genotypes in DPS.

A. 2-h plasma glucose according to rs490683 genotypes in all subjects. Mean±SEM are estimated marginal means calculated from repeated measures ANOVA with group, age and BMI at baseline as significant covariates. rs490683-CC (n = 42, filled circles); rs490683-CG (n = 171, open circles); rs490683-GG (n = 210, filled triangles). Pair-wise comparisons all subjects: CC vs. CG p = 0.020, CC vs. GG p = 0.295, CG vs. GG p = 0.190. B–E. Relative changes fasting plasma glucose (B), 2-h plasma glucose (C), fasting serum insulin (D) and 2-h serum insulin (E) according to the different genotypes of rs490683 in all subjects and separately in intervention and control group. rs490683-CC (black bars); rs490683-CG (striped bars); rs490683-GG (white bars). The q-value denotes the false discovery rate (FDR) and is reported only for p<0.1. n.s., non-significant.