Genetic Context of Genome-Wide Significant Associations.

Genomic context for each of two loci with genome-wide association with sICAM-1 levels. The ICAM1 locus (19p13.2) is shown in Figure 1-A and the ABO locus (9q34.2) in Figure 1-B. Upper panel: Genes from RefSeq release 25. Only one isoform is shown when multiple splicing variants are known. Middle Panel: SNPs are shown according to their physical location and P-values (red dots). Also shown is the genetic distance in cM from the lowest P-value SNP (light grey line) along with the position of recombination hotspots (light grey vertical bars). Recombination rates and hotspots are based on HapMap data, as described by McVean et al.[53] and Winckler et al. [54]. Lower panel: Pair wise linkage disequilibrium (D′ and R2) between SNPs based on WGHS data.



CC BY 4.0