Gastrotricha, Thaumastodermatidae, Thaumastodermatinae.

SEM photomicrographs showing the general body shape and aspects of the cuticular covering of representatives of the genera Oregodasys, Tetranchyroderma and Thaumastoderma. A, B, Oregodasys ocellatus dorsal and ventral view respectively; C, E Tetranchyroderma cf. antennatum, C, habitus dorsal view, E, close-up of the anterior end in a ventral view showing the ample mouth, adhesive tubes of the anterior series and cephalic sensory organ; D, F Thaumastoderma ramuliferum, D, habitus in ventral view; F, close-up of the anterior end in a dorsal view showing the cuticular armature made up of tetrancres, cephalic sensory organs and the cirrata tubes. Scale bars A–C = 50 µm, D–F = 20 µm.