Functional analysis of Cre activity in the <i>Bapx1<sup>ICIE;Rosa26R</sup></i> and <i>Bapx1<sup>FCFE;Rosa26R</sup></i> mice.

<p>(a–c) Whole-mount E12.5 <i>Bapx1<sup>ICIE;Rosa26R</sup></i> and <i>Bapx1<sup>FCFE;Rosa26R</sup></i> embryos stained with X-gal showing β-galactosidase activity in the correct anatomical context of <i>Bapx1</i>. (d–f) Transverse sections of E11.5 embryos confirmed X-gal stained cells in the mesenchymal cells of the midgut and not in the endothelium. MC, Meckel's cartilage; LM, limb mesenchyme; VC, vertebral column; R, ribs; M, mesenchyme; E, endothelium.</p>




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