Freshly isolated HBECs, and the H292 and BEAS-2B airway epithelial cell lines exhibit K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1 channel activity.

<p>Current-voltage curves demonstrating that 100 μM 1-EBIO induced characteristic K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1 channel currents in freshly isolated HBECs isolated from (<b>A</b>) one patient with asthma (n = 3 cells) and (<b>B</b>) one healthy control (n = 3 cells). TRAM-34 (200 nM) blocked 1-EBIO-induced currents to near-baseline levels. Characteristic 1-EBIO-dependent K<sub>Ca</sub>3.1 channel activity, sensitive to TRAM-34, was also seen in (<b>C</b>) the H292 cell line (n = 6 cells) and (<b>D</b>) the BEAS-2B cell line (n = 8 cells).</p>