Frequency of JR-FL Env-specific CD4+ T cell responses in the lung and spleen.

<p>1.5×10<sup>6</sup> leukocytes isolated from the lungs (a, b) andspleen (c, d) at the end of the study were stimulated <i>ex vivo</i> with JR-FL gp140, anti-CD28 and brefeldin A before being analyzed by flow cytometry for production of IFNg, IL-2 and TNFa. The total frequency of cytokine secreting CD4+ T cells (%) producing IFNγ, IL-2 or TNFα are shown on the left (a, c) and the frequency of multifunctional CD4+ T cells producing any combination of IFN γ +, IL-2+, and/or TNFα+ on the right (b, d). *p<0.05 compared to group 1. <sup>#</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 2. ∧p<0.05 compared to group 4. <sup>∇</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 5. <sup>@</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 6. <sup>x</sup>p<0.05 compared to group 7. Bars represent the median (with SEM), individual animals are shown.</p>