Firing responses of P cells.

2011-10-06T02:01:15Z (GMT) by Robert B. Levy Alex D. Reyes
<p><b>A</b>, left, Average number of action potentials evoked in the first 50 ms of stimulus of cells at different radial distances from the center (abscissa) for broad (σ  = 110 µm) and narrow (σ  = 40 µm) thalamic inputs (N<sub>max</sub>  = 60). Right, plot of counts at the peak of the profiles vs σ for N<sub>max</sub> = 60 and 100. <b>B</b>, left, spatial profile of average counts for N<sub>max</sub> = 60 and 100 with σ fixed at 40 µm. Right, plot of peak counts vs N<sub>max</sub> for σ  = 40, 75 and 110 µm. <b>C</b>, left, networks stimulated with 2 inputs (S1 & S2), with S2 at different positions (Δx) in the network. N<sub>max</sub> = 60. Middle, average counts evoked vs Δx for narrow input (σ = 40 µm). Right, average counts vs Δx for broad input (σ = 110 µm).</p>




CC BY 4.0