Figure 2

<p>Beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity (%) stratified by <i>CAPN-10</i> genotype (SNP-43 and -44) in <b>A</b>) non-diabetic subjects, SNP-43, <b>B</b>) non-diabetic subjects, SNP-44, <b>C</b>) Type 2 diabetic subjects, SNP-43 and <b>D</b>) Type 2 diabetic subjects, SNP-44. Values represent mean ± SD. Symbol (*) denotes statistical significance <i>p</i><0.05 between alleles (G/G <i>vs.</i> G/A+A/A for SNP-43 and T/T <i>vs.</i> T/C for SNP-44). Beta-cell function values were Log-transformed for statistical analyses.</p>