FH535 inhibits TOPFlash activation in LCSC and HCC cell lines.

LCSC (left panel), Huh7 (middle panel) and HPLC (right panel) cells were co-transfected with TOPFlash or FOPFlash luciferase reporter genes along with renilla luciferase. After 6 hours, cells were left untreated (no treatment) or treated with LiCl alone or LiCl with increasing amounts of FH535. LiCl is a known activator of β-catenin. After an additional 36 hours, cells were harvested and luciferase levels were determined; firefly luciferase was normalized to renilla. TOPFlash activity was highly induced in all three cell populations; this activation was inhibited by FH535. The negative control FOPFlash showed minimal response to LiCl or FH535. TOPFlash inhibition by FH535 was more robust in LCSC than in either HCC cell line. * P<0.003, # P<0.001. The experiment was done twice with similar results.