Expression of apoptotic markers.

2013-02-20T05:49:33Z (GMT) by Haider Raza Annie John

Proteins (50 µg) from PMS or mitochondrial extract from ASA/NAC treated GSH-depleted HepG2 cells were separated on 12% SDS-PAGE and transferred on to nitrocellulose paper by Western blotting as described in the Materials and Methods. The visualization of cytochrome c (Figure 13a) and Bcl-2, PARP and caspase-3 (Figure 13b) was made by using specific antibodies against these proteins. Beta-actin and Tom-40 were used as respective loading controls for post-mitochondrial supernatant and mitochondria. Figure is a typical result obtained from three independent experiments. The quantitation of proteins bands are expressed as relative intensity (R.I) of the upper band using expression of proteins in control untreated cells as 1.0. Molecular weight markers (kDa) are indicated by arrows.