Expression of GFP-DRP1[K38A] reverses fragmentation caused by ARL2[T30N].

HeLa cells were co-transfected with either GFP or GFP-DRP1[K38A] and empty vector, ARL2, or ARL2[T30N]. (A) Cells were fixed 24 hours post-transfection and immunostained for HSP60. Representative GFP positive cells are shown. Insets show magnified regions from the cell periphery where the lower densities better highlight mitochondrial morphology. Cells expressing wild type ARL2 have similar mitochondrial morphology to cells transfected with empty vector (not shown). (B) Cells expressing GFP-DRP1[K38A] were scored for fragmented mitochondria, using the criteria illustrated in Figure 1D. Cells were quantified from three independent experiments.