Experimental protocols.

Adjuvant effect of GM-maize on the initiation of OVA-induced allergic lung disease. Groups of mice were fed either GM-maize, nGM-maize, or basal diets between days 0 and 32 of the initiation of allergic asthma. Mice were immunized to induce allergic disease with 10 µg of OVA on days 0 and 21. One week later, the mice were nebulized with OVA on days 28 and 29. On day 32, antibody titres and allergic lung responses were measured. Adjuvant effect of GM-maize on OVA-induced allergic disease relapse. Mice were induced with allergic disease on days 0 and 21 and aerosolized on days 28 and 29 and then allowed to recover for another month (all signs of acute lung and airway inflammation and mucus hypersecretion resolves). Between day 61 and 95, mice were then fed either GM-maize, nGM-maize or basal diets. On days 91 and 92, mice were rechallenged with aerosolized OVA to induce a disease relapse. On day 95, they were evaluated for antibody titres and allergic lung responses.