Excess Neto causes reduced iGluR synaptic clusters.

(A-B) Confocal images of NMJ4 (A) and bouton details (B) in larvae of indicated genotypes labeled for Brp (green), GluRIIC (red), and Neto (blue). GluRIIC and Neto extrajunctional staining (pink box in A) are shown in (C). While Brp synaptic signals were not affected, GluRIIC showed decreased synaptic localization at excess Neto levels (neto36/Y;G14>neto-A3 or G14>neto-A1) (quantified in D-E). Ten NMJs were analyzed and quantified for each genotype. (F) Both type-A and type-B receptors were decreased at NMJs with excess Neto. Images were enhanced in the bouton details (right) for relative IIA/IIB comparisons. Error bars indicate SEM. *; p<0.001, **; p<0.01. Bars: 10 μm, 1 μm in details.