Example of spatially-tuned modulations of neural activity during outward attention epoch.

The neuron shows a strong discharge during outward attention epoch preferring covert shifts of attention towards the bottom part of the space. Each inset contains the peri-event time histogram, raster plots and eye position signals, and is positioned in the same relative position as the cue on the panel. In the central part of the figure, the spike density functions (SDFs) of the activity for each of the 8 cue positions are superimposed and aligned on the cue onset. The mean duration of epochs FIX and outward attention is indicated below the SDFs. Neural activity and eye traces are aligned on the cue onset. Scalebar in peri-event time histograms, 70 spikes/s. Binwidth, 40 ms. Eyetraces: scalebar, 60°. Other details as in Figure 1.