Evaluation of shRNA transfection-efficiency and integrin β3 deficiency.

A) Fluorescence pictures of cells with shRNAs transiently transfected for 24 h. 976, 1110 and 1755 denote the targeting positions on integrin β3 mRNA sequence. nc denotes the negative-control construct which generates non-specific interfere RNA. B) Fluorescence pictures of cells transiently transfected with shRNA976, shRNA1110, shRNA1755 or nc for 48 h. C) Quantitative analysis of fluorescence intensity in Fig. 6A and 6B evaluated by ImageJ. D) Assessment of integrin β3 deficiency at 48 h post shRNA transiently transfection using two-step qPCR. ***p<0.001 denotes extremely significant difference. n.s. denotes no significant difference.