Estimated effects of a 80% ARV-PMTCT uptake or 50% FP use among HIV-infected women, 2008–2012.

Note: *The column “Total” estimates the number of events or person years as given by the baseline projection, in the presence of the actual estimated uptake of ARV-PMTCT and FP.


The columns “ARV-PMTCT” and “FP use” indicate the number of events (person characteristic) that would occur in addition in their respective absence. Negative values denote increases.

Percent estimates: the denominator is give by the number in the absence of the intervention; the numerator indicates the number of events averted. CTX: cotrimoxazole. PY: person-years. FP: Family planning. 80% ARV-PMTCT uptake and 50% FP use (among HIV+ women) are scaled up beginning 2009 and reach their goals by 2012.