Epitope Mapping of cj0669.

The Box-whisker-plot (n = 12) shows relative fluorescence intensities of the overlapping 58 peptides comprising cj0669. Rabbit Immunoglobulin G (red box) and Myelin Basal Protein (MBP, blue) are included as positive and negative controls respectively. Each box represents 50% of the values with the central horizontal line indicating the median value. The mean value for each sample is represented by a small rectangle. The whiskers include 98% of the data. Peptides 44 and 45 show significantly higher intensities with mean values above 8000 A.U. for peptide 44 and around 6000 A.U. for peptide 45 compared to approximately 1000 A.U. for Rabbit IgG indicating a strong interaction of the antibody to these peptides. Incubation was performed with three polyclonal antibodies reactive to C. jejuni and the results combined.