Environmental characteristics of the six bioregions from the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia Framework (IBRA) sampled within the study region.


BHC = Broken Hill Complex; MDD = Murray Darling Depression; RIV = Riverina, NSS = NSW South-Western Slopes, SEH = South-Eastern Highlands, COAST = combined Sydney Basin and South-East Corner bioregions. Bioregion means are averages of site-level data within each bioregion.


Mean climatic data (1910–2010) were determined for the May to October growing season (see methods).


Edaphic factors were measured during October–December 2009.

Tmax = maximum temperature, Tmin = minimum temperature, Tav = average temperature, PET = potential evapotranspiration, atmospheric water balance (AWB) = precipitation – PET [64], Aridity Index = precipitation/PET [65].