Endogenous and exogenous expression of LMP2A detected using monoclonal antibodies.

A. Stable expression of LMP2A in NPC cells. The left and right panels reveal the stable ectogenic expression of LMP2A in both CNE2 and SUNE1 NPC cell lines. The upper and lower panels show mRNA and protein levels, respectively. B. Immunofluorescence staining clearly showing the membrane localization of LMP2A in the CNE2 and SUNE1 cell lines. C. Immunohistochemical analysis of LMP2A expression in a nude mice xenograft of LMP2A-expressing CNE2 cells using MoAb 4A11B3A3 or control IgG. D. Immunohistochemical analysis of endogenous LMP2A expression in NPC biopsies using MoAb 4A11B3A3 or control IgG. Representative moderate (left panel) and strong (middle panel) staining results are shown. E. Immunohistochemical analysis (left panel) with the MoAb 4A11B3A3 shows specific staining of LMP2A in NPC tumor nests (indicated by black arrows) but not in adjacent normal tissues (indicated by red arrow). The middle and right panels show that LMP2A is usually expressed in the invasive tumor front cells and is mainly localized on the cell membrane.



CC BY 4.0