Endocytosis of DeltaD point mutants.

2015-05-28T03:35:38Z (GMT) by Gregory Palardy Ajay B. Chitnis
<p>Distribution of zdd2 (green) in COS7 cells transfected with DeltaD-NN (A), DeltaD-KK (E) and DeltaD-NN/KK following the internalization protocol described in <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0127864#pone.0127864.g003" target="_blank">Fig 3</a>. Nuclei were labelled with DAPI (blue). Distribution of zdd2 (green) in COS7 cells co-transfected with DeltaD-NN (B-D), DeltaD-KK (F-H), DeltaD-NN/KK (J-L) and Mib1 following internalization as described above. Each set of 3 panels, respectively, shows distribution of the DeltaD construct (green), Myc-Mib1 (red)/nuclei (blue), and the merged image. (M) Summary of expression classes found in DeltaD full length, deletion and point mutants assayed following the internalization protocol described above. P-values for pairwise comparison based on Fisher’s Exact test of independence. P >. 05 does not meet the criteria for the Null hypothesis that pairs contain an equivalent distribution of expression classes.</p>