Efficiency of IDE down-regulation by siRNA.

A, percentage of IDE mRNA inhibition, measured by qRT-PCR, in HeLa HHD cells transfected with different concentrations (4×100 or 4×400 nM) of specific siRNA (left panel), and at different time points after transfection by 4×100 nM siRNA (right panel). B, fluorescence microscopy analysis of HeLa HHD cells transfected with 400 nM of siIDE and siNTG 72 h after transfection. IDE expression was detected by staining with anti-IDE mAb 9B12. C, IDE expression by HeLa cells (left panel) and HEK293 cells (right panel) transfected with 4×100 nM of siIDE or siNTG and probed 48 h later by immunoblot. β2-m served as a loading control. siNTG, small interfering RNA, non-targeted; siIDE, small interfering RNA, IDE-specific; β2-m, beta 2-microglobulin. One out of 5 (A, C) and 2 (B) experiments is shown.