Effects of treatments on hematocrit and renal function parameters in the blood plasma.

2013-02-20T15:01:53Z (GMT) by Rodrigo Frezzatti Paulo Flavio Silveira

Mice treated with vehicle (control), allopurinol (NL), probenecid (PB) and Crotalus durissus terrificus venom (vCdt) followed by NL (vCdt+NL) or PB (vCdt+PB) after 2 h. Values are means ± SEM. Number of animals in parentheses. Comparison of the same parameter among groups: ANOVA (Hematocrit, p = 0.1807; Osmolality, p = 0.3577; Creatinine, p<0.006; Uric acid, p<0.0001; Urea, p<0.003; Protein, p<0.0001). Post hoc Student-Newman-Keuls (different letters over the bars indicate statistical differences: creatinine and urea, p<0.05; uric acid and protein, p<0.01).