Effects of dopamine and pertussis toxin on ethanol modulated G proteins expression in D2S (A, D, G), D2L (B, E, H) and V (C, F, I) cells.

2013-02-19T23:16:12Z (GMT) by Amitabha Sengupta Dipak K. Sarkar

Cells were treated with ethanol (EtOH; 50 mM) alone or with dopamine (DA; 5 µM) or PTX (100 ng/ml) for a period of 24 h. Quantitation of G protein levels was done using Western Blot and actin was used as a control housekeeping protein. Data were presented in gel blots as well as the ratio of the protein/actin values as histograms. Data are mean ± SEM values of 4 cultures. *, **,***, P<0.05, P<0.01, P<0.001, respectively as compared to the control (C) group. a, P<0.05, significantly different from PTX alone-treated group.